Gainward at CeBIT 2009

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Now it’s time for Gainward! What has surprised me the most about Gainward, is the fact that it was still included and shown as nVidia’s authorized supplier and partner (more about that later, when I get to nVidia). If you look at Gainward’s booth it was really one booth with the best image design on the wall.

Angel with blue and red wings! Really impressive artwork, not to mention the size of it. At first I thought that the color of one wing represents nVidia and the other one is ATI. Luckily nVidia color is green, so I was very wrong with my conclusion. Anyway we’ll start with the cards from nVidia. Notice the card portfolio from 9500GT to GTX 295.






Now for the other part, and these are cards based on ATI chips.



And one picture from exhibit gaming configuration that was up and running on their booth at CeBIT. And at the end of this coverage, there’s one gaming PC with Gainward ATI 4870 graphic card and Rampage 700 GS with 2 GB of memory!


Conclusion is that Gainward has invested lot of effort in coolers for it’s graphic cards. It looks that they are constantly investing in more efficient coolers for the whole card, and also try to remain quiet as they can. Thanks to Mr. Michael and Madam Barbara for their time and walk through their booth.