GeIL at CeBIT 2009

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And now it’s time for one of my favorite memory manufacturers – GeIL!!! Unlike others, it was very easy to arrange the meeting with people from GeIL and they have been very easy and nice to talk with. I’ve even manage to catch some time to talk with them, so at the end of this article you will see some short Q&A…Each year GeIL organize gaming challenge, and this year was not exception.

Now for a tour of their booth. It was hard for me to picture the product image and their label individually, so I had to picture label and product separately. On the pictures you can see triple channel in action. One thing that I’ve noticed is that label obviously has some specifications written by mistake.




Since I know that any motherboard based on Intel X48 chipset, can’t support Intel Core i7 socket 1366 processor, right? I assume it was a little ‘typo’ from GeIL. They surely were thinking to write some Gigabyte X58 motherboard.

Now you can see another triple channel memory it, this time it’s 3*2 Gb plugged in Asus X58 Rampage 2 extreme with EVO cyclone memory cooling system.