Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

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The included fan controller has a speed switch at the back of the chassis, it’s well placed, if on the far side of the chassis depending on where you lock you system positioned on your desk.

The PSU area has a vent and a magnetic dust filter we’ll show you later on. Everything is placed as you would expect it for this style of chassis.

There are five fans included in this chassis, four front mounted and linked to the fan controller and one at the rear. There is a motherboard compartment dust filter  which should ensure the graphics cards gets some clean air of its own. The top dust filter is removable and reveals the top drive or radiator section.

The rear expansion slots have an extra clamp usually seen on mITX or mATX chassis. There are two thumb screws for the clamp with the expansion slots held in place with screws. 

Anidees AI7 Black Cube Chassis Review

Packaging - 7
Features - 8
Build - 8
Component Compatibility - 8
Price - 8
Consumer Experience - 8


The Anidees AI7 manages to be a full ATX component size chassis well and there aren't many compromises for the average system build. The Anidees AI7 is definitely worth a look if you want something a little different without too much of a compromise on your hardware.