Lian Li Pitstop PC-T60A Open Air Test Bench Review

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We’ve got a few semi-dedicated test systems in the office and a dedicated test bench, the MicroCool Banchetto 101 chassis. So, we swap components a lot if we want to use the Banchetto 101 chassis for any sort of sustained testing, like motherboard reviews. We have been finding a need for a completely dedicated test bench, enter the Lian Li Pitstop PC-T60A. Smaller than the Banchetto 101 chassis and only supporting mATX/ATX motherboards but supporting the same idea, an open air, configuration and accessible test chassis, designed for people who will always be swapping, testing and running PC components. In fact, though you could use the PC-T60A as a normal system, even Lian Li intend it to be used for users who “switch components, mod, and service.”

Just before we set it to work, we thought we’d review it and give it a chance to show off before we lock it away in the HardwareBunker office. We have just reviewed the Lian-Li PC-K5WX Ebonsteel Mid Tower chassis and it was good. We have known Lian Li for years and have always been fans, it was good to see them branch out with the PC-K5WX into the all steel construction market, but with the PC-T60A, it’s back to an all-aluminium construction.

Chassis TypeOpen Test Bench
Manufacturer NumberPC-T60A
Net Weight1.8 kg
MotherboardsATX / Micro ATX
Chassis Dimensions(W) 351mm x (H) 400mm x (D) 330mm
Expansion Slots8
5.25” Drive Bays2
3.5” Drive Bays3
2.5” Drive Bays2
System Fan (Front)120mm or 140mm Fans x 2 (T60-1 Optional)
System Fan (Top & Rear)None
Front Panel IO (Optional)USB 3.0 x 2
e-SATA x 1
HD+AC97 Audio
(PW-IS20AH55AT0 Optional)
PSUStandard ATX PS2 (optional)
Max VGA Card LengthNone
Max PSU lengthNone

The basic chassis comes with 2.5”, 3.5” and 5.25” drive bays, meaning you can also fit optical drives if you want to. It comes in three colours, black, red and silver and we’ll be reviewing the silver edition. It also has a handle which makes it an easy chassis to carry around or move during a build.

Lian Li Pitstop PC-T60A Open Air Test Bench Review

Packaging - 8
Features - 8
Build - 8
Component Compatibility - 7.5
Price - 8.5
Consumer Experience - 8.5


For us, we are happy for the PC-T60A to join the office party, and as a consumer product, if you are looking for a test bench, an open air system or even parts for a table PC system, it's recommended.