Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White 16Gb DDR4 Memory Review

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Memory, it’s often the most generic part of your system, along with a PSU. Not that all system builders would go for any old RAM, but it can be intangible performance for the cost, especially for DDR4 modules these days. If you are an Intel fan, and you are planning a system, then you need to be including DDR4. If you are like most people at Hardwareslave, you will like a clean white system, you’re not always in luck with matching memory, until now. Crucial have released some cool white DDR4 and we have 2x8Gb Ballistix Sport White modules to test.

Module size is important, two modules as opposed to four may give better compatibility, latency and ultimately, it will allow for more RAM on your motherboard, whether it’s a mITX like the EVGA Z170 Stinger with two DIMM slots, or a monster X99e motherboard like the Asus Rampage V, with eight DIMM slots and Quad Channel memory support.

Our test bed is generally the Asus Rampage V, and with the advent of the Z170 Chipset from Intel, we can concentrate on the DDR4 market with the added angle of Dual vs. Quad Channel set ups, at least to some degree. Also, according to the Crucial website, the Crucial Ballistix Sport LT  is optimized for the latest Intel X99 platforms, so let’s have a look.

SeriesBallistix Sport
Form FactorUDIMM
Number of DIMMs2
DIMM TypeUnbuffered NON-ECC
DIMM ColourWhite
Module1024Meg x 64
HeatsinkDigital camo heat spreader available in white and grey
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

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White is one of our favourite system colours, and there is not enough components in this colour for our liking.

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White 16Gb DDR4 Memory Review

Package - 8.5
Performance - 9
Price - 9
Consumer Experience - 9


The Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White DDR4 memory kit is a handy little kit. Two 8Gb modules in white is just what the mITX system builder would want for their rig, 16Gb is a must these days and with two DIMM slots, there are some physical and logical limitations in what can be installed. Moreover, this is a white kit, with a white PCB, and we are big fans of white systems. RAM is a little harder to get in this colour, but Crucial have given a limited market another worthy option.

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