Introducing Award-Winning Premium Accessories for Nintendo Switch

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Bionik™, a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality gaming accessories, today announced the European shipping of the Power Plate™ and the Giganet Adapter™, the first in a range of premium accessories designed for the Nintendo® Switch.

Critically acclaimed across the USA, Bionik™ has fast established a reputation for gaming accessories that offer true design innovation and high-quality performance.

Unique in design and gorgeous to look at, the Power Plate™ for Nintendo Switch is a portable power system, offering a total solution to the Switch gamer on the go. The Power Plate™ advanced Li-on battery technology, allows gamers to charge their Joy-Con™ controllers and their Switch™ tablet. Looking unlike any mere battery pack, gamers can attach their Joy-Con™ Controllers to the sides of the Power Plate™, just as they would to the Switch tablet. When attached, the Power Plate™ takes the form of a standard gamepad, allowing users to play and charge simultaneously in table-top or dock mode.

Gamers can also attach the Power Plate™ to the Switch tablet via the included USB Type-C™ cable, allowing charge of up to two Joy-Con™ Controllers and a Switch™ tablet simultaneously should the gamer wish. Advanced LED indicators located on the front of the Power Plate™, let gamers know what products are charging, as well as displaying battery life of the Power Plate™ itself. The plush Carry Case allows gamers to take their Power Plate™ with them on the go, and the included Charging Dock connects directly into the Switch™ dock, providing fuss-free charging when the Power Plate™ runs out of power.

A high-speed USB 3 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, the Giganet Adapter™ for Nintendo® Switch™ adds blazing-fast wired ethernet capability to the Switch console. Designed to discretely fit into the Switch™ TV dock and complement the colour scheme and texture of the Switch™. It includes a unique grill pattern that prevents blockage of the TV dock ventilation system, the Giganet Adapter™ plugs into the USB port located on the rear of the Switch™ dock, instantly adding a dedicated Ethernet connection to the Switch console. Faster and more secure than a Wi-Fi connection, the Giganet Adapter™ supports 10/100/1000-bit Ethernet.

“The Nintendo® Switch™ is a fantastic new gaming console that has revolutionized the way we play at home and on the go. As with any popular device it is already home to a wide variety of gaming accessories. Unfortunately, a large number of these, feature disappointing quality, and are aimed at the value side of the market. At Bionik™ we have worked very hard to develop a range of premium accessories with focus on innovation, and improved performance, resulting in products that help you play better, and last longer”, said Amir Navid, Bionik’s SVP of Product Development. “Already successful across America, we are delighted to bring the first products in our Switch™ range to European gamers.”

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