Jonsbo announces the UMX4 and RM3 PC Chassis

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With the UMX4 and the RM3, we present two outstanding cases, both of which stand out due to their appealing exterior. Due to the combination of high-quality materials, flawless manufacturing and an eye for details, our cases stand out from the grey mass of the case market.

The UMX4 is the predecessor to the UMX2. It’s designed to house ATX motherboards and offers an efficient ventilation system, as well as generous space for a powerful system with multiple VGA cards.

The UMX4 combines a classic exterior design and a very stable chassis made from massive steel. When comparing the UMX4 to the UMX2, it’s obvious that the interior has been massively redesigned to offer a better hardware compatibility.

The RM3 is the predecessor to the popular RM1. The refined Mini-Tower can be equipped with both Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX motherboards and stands out due to its very clean interior design. Despite the compact dimensions of the case, users can still install VGA cards with a length of up to 310 mm and CPU coolers with a height of 170 mm.

The side panels of the RM3 are made of 5 mm strong tempered glass, giving the case – in combination with the classic aluminum exterior – an exquisite look. The illuminated Jonsbo-Logo underneath the motherboard tray is thus easily visible for maximum effect. The steel chassis guarantees the case optimal stability. The inner space of the case has been divided in two, where the PSU is mounted in a separate space below the motherboard.

Both cases are available in stores now. The MSRP for the UMX4 is 149.99 Euro for the windowless edition, the cases with tempered glass are 159.99 Euro. The MSRP of the RM3 is 109.99 Euro. All prices include 19% VAT. Our Jonsbo cases are sold in Europe under the label “Jonsbo – powered by Cooltek”.

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