Mad Catz 30th Birthday Celebrations: Limited Edition Gaming Hardware And Year-Long Series of Surprises!

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Mad Catz Global Limited, leading gaming hardware innovators, announced today a series of Limited-Edition product launches and a full year of special surprises, in celebration of the Company’s 30th year of business.

For years, Mad Catz has been enhancing gaming for players all around the globe. From critically acclaimed FightSticks, to record-breaking R.A.T. Gaming Mice, Mad Catz has been leading development in video game and PC hardware for three decades and is celebrating the momentous milestone with Limited Edition. R.A.T. Gaming Mice, destined to become collectors’ items!

Designed for the professional gamer, R.A.T.8+ is a classic in the world of gaming mice. State-of-the-art Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor delivers unrivalled precision, and the fully customisable design includes an adjustable palm and thumb rest, removable pinkie grip and 18G of removable weights. The 30th Anniversary Edition is limited to a production run of 1000 units worldwide, and arrived in premium collectors packaging, with an exclusive metallic design, not available on other R.A.T. mice. Enhancing the appearance yet further, the three-stage Chameleon RGB lighting keeps the mouse looking as good as it performs.

The 30th Anniversary R.A.T. Pro X3™  is based on the most advanced R.A.T. in the current range. As the worlds’ most adjustable mouse, the Pro X3 features interchangeable sensor modules, a unique analog Scroll Wheel and an entire series of interchangeable feet, pinkie rests, scroll wheels, palm rests and more; all allowing gamers to create their ideal mouse for their own preference. Limited to 1000 units worldwide, the Anniversary Edition arrives in premium collectors packaging, and is fashioned with a stunning ‘retro-classic’ metallic design, certain to turn heads in the gaming community.

Selena Chang, Director of Sales and Operations for Mad Catz Global Limited commented, “It’s amazing and humbling to believe that Mad Catz has been serving the community for 30 years and we’d like to think that Mad Catz will be leading innovation and surprising gamers for many decades to come. Our R.A.T. mice remain some of the most popular products Mad Catz has ever produced, and we felt it only fitting to deliver a treat for the fans in celebration of our very special birthday. Alongside the Limited-Edition gaming mice, Mad Catz have a full year of surprises in store, including promotions, contests and so much more. We urge gamers to keep an eye on our social media channels for up-to-date information.”

The new 30th Anniversary R.A.T.8+ and R.A.T. Pro X3 will be available across Europe and the Americas  beginning April 2019 and will be available from selected retailers. Please visit social media for additional information.

Additional information on all products will be available at: