Rollei CarDVR-120 GPS 1296p Car Camera Review

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Driver error is a phrase I’ve heard many times from people who tried with very little luck to convince police officers and insurance companies that they weren’t responsible for car accidents. Unfortunately although technology has made it possible for everyone to have a tiny camcorder on the dashboard of their cars to avoid such issues not many decide to do so where i live but judging by the sheer number of people who are currently using such devices in large countries like the USA, Taiwan and Russia i suspect that it will not be long before this changes. Not too long ago the very first next generation 1296p (2304×1296/30fps) SuperHD/XHD Dashcam models were revealed and we had the chance to test the Marcus 3 by Vicovation which was quite good although we did feel that there was room for improvement. Today we will be taking a look at the SuperHD proposal by Rollei the CarDVR-120 GPS Car Camera.


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