Virtual Machine Manager Pro Ensures Security and Efficiency in a Virtualisation Environment

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Synology Inc. announced the official release of Virtual Machine Manager Pro to cater to professional users with services suitable to their needs. VMM Pro enables Synology NAS to run multiple virtual machines like Windows, Linux, Virtual DSM. It assists users to integrate and manage multiple Synology NAS via its virtualised cluster, flexibly distributes hardware resources, migrates virtual machines between hosts without any interruption, and conducts regular snapshots and replications to back up virtual machines, for the ultimate goal of building an efficient and safe virtualisation environment.

Synology is dedicated to making powerful yet intuitive solutions for users. “Virtual Machine Manager has garnered wide acclaims with its latest version, and more than 130,000 Synology NAS have downloaded and installed it over the course of one year. This clearly shows how this product has been endorsed worldwide, which is very motivating to our development team. With the extremely flexible cluster in Virtual Machine Manager Pro, we are able to help IT personnel to easily build a professional and efficient virtualisation environment on NAS servers. As this application improves your work efficiency, it protects critical virtual machines, as well.” said Chen Feng Wang, Product Manager of virtualisation at Synology.

The virtualised structure in the brand new VMM Pro significantly enhances work efficiency and the level of protection. Its thoughtfully designed cluster enables businesses to manage multiple NAS, manage working virtual machines that are scattered across different NAS on a single interface, and helps IT personnel to easily schedule data protection plans with snapshot and remote replication under the cluster. Aside from allowing users to complete virtual machine snapshots and replications in just seconds, VMM Pro comes with advanced features such as High Availability. High Availability alleviates service disruption issues and maximise the service uptime of your virtual machine with hassle-free setup. Every Synology NAS now comes with a 30-day free trial of VMM Pro, and Synology invites you to experience the advanced VMM features tailored for business.

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